October Prayerlink

For the past 7 plus years I have had the privilege to serve with Worldlink. One of my responsibilities is to coordinate the quarterly reports we receive from our missionary partners. Just as it was Paul’s habit to report back to those who sent him, our partners report back to inform us how they are, what they are doing and what God has done so that we can pray for them. Specifically, that the Word would be heard.

Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving. At the same time, pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ,… (Colossians 4:2-3 ESV)

The information from these reports are passed on to you our donors through our monthly thank you letters, through our prayer guide and through conversations that you may have with Jack or other Worldlink staff.

While reading, I have been brought to tears of joy and sorrow as I read about how our partners are, what they are doing and what God has done. Tears of joy come when I read about how God is working through our partners, bringing redemption and healing to people. Sorrow comes as I read of partners who have been persecuted and even murdered by people with whom they are seeking to share God’s love, People who reject the light of truth and continue to live in darkness.

Please join me in praying for our partners, as many of them are sharing the Gospel in difficult and often dangerous areas.  

By His Grace and for His Glory,

Chuck St.Hilaire
Finance and Administration


Sat 1. Srinivas - India
Even though the people in Srinivas’s area are hostile, the Lord continues to help and strengthen him to stand up for the truth. He visited and shared the gospel with the people in Devnahalli village. More than 180 people heard the message but no one came forward to accept Christ. Pray that the seed sown may soon bear fruit. Pray also that Srinivas will continue to be encouraged in the Lord.

Sun 2. Kripamma - India
Kripamma organized cottage meetings, hospital visits and a Vacation Bible School for children during their summer holidays. Thank God for two people who came to faith in Jesus Christ. One of the new Christians is a woman named Dargamma who was suffering from a debilitating illness that defied all medical treatments. She believed the gospel message, prayed to receive Christ and trusted God for healing. She experienced God’s touch and is now an active member of the fellowship. Pray that her faith may remain strong in the Lord.

Mon 3. Timothy - India
In the past three months God has enabled Timothy to conduct out-reach programs and a children’s camp. More than 100 people heard the gospel. There are many Hindu groups working hard to oppose his ministry. They are watching every move and are ever ready to attack. Pray that God may soften this hard soil.

Tue 4. Anonymous - East Asia
We are discipling SII and PHI. They are under immense pressure from their Muslim family members and neighbors. Please pray that they may remain strong and faithful. Thank God for DYI and DNI who were recently baptized. Pray that the Lord may keep them strong in Him.

Wed 5. Anonymous - East Asia
N. Team is currently discipling 14 people. Pray that they will gain the necessary knowledge and that God will give them the burden to preach the Good News to their own tribesmen. Pray also that God may draw more people to himself as team members continue to proclaim the gospel message.

Thu 6. David - India
David conducted gospel meetings, house meetings, cottage prayers and family counseling. Thank God for five people who responded positively to the gospel message. Thank God for delivering Rabi from the evil spirit that was oppressing her. She is now free and became a child of God.

Fri 7. Manoderahalli - India
With God’s guidance, Manoderahalli was able to reach out to many people in the Nandhi hill village area where there was no church. Though there was much opposition and he was even attacked by some Hindu fanatics, God blessed the ministry and he was able to start a church in a new village.

Sat 8. Subimal - India

Subimal conducted four-day revival meetings in four villages in West Bengal and God showed up with miraculous signs. People were crying out to the Lord as they repented of their sins, and in appreciation for their salvation. Day by day God’s Kingdom continues to grow and His name is exalted through His churches. Please pray for provision to buy land in these villages to erect worship centers.


Sun 9. Dhruba - Nepal

Dhruba’s ministry produced and distributed 5000 copies of annual Bible reading cards and 2500 copies of half-yearly Bible guides for adults and families. This year they were able to produce their own materials for children camps - materials for four age groups from 5 to 12 years. There are ten lessons (stories) in each book designed for a three-day camp. Exercises are provided to help the children engage with the Word of God. The materials can also be used in Sunday School. Pray for God’s blessings on all of the materials

Mon 10. Vijay - India
Vijay conducted gospel meetings in four villages with prayer and fasting. Two people accepted God’s salvation. One of the two, Patta Narasingham, turned from idolatry to Christ after experiencing God’s healing touch in his body. Thank God for the impact of the word of God in these lives.

Africa Region

Tue 11. Azu - Abuja, Nigeria

Azu and his team visited 208 bible clubs during the quarter, ministering to over 8000 children and youths. Thank God for 1,337 souls won for the Lord. Three school leavers (final year students) workshops were also conducted, which brought another 53 souls into God’s family.

Wed 12. James - Adamawa, Nigeira

James had the opportunity to minister in eight different local church programs including youth conferences, Sunday school programs, and worship services. Of the 1,635 participants in these programs, the Lord touched the hearts of 202 who received him as their Savior. Thank God for opening the door of ministry in local churches. Pray that the new believers may be established in their faith.

Thur 13. Nestor - BAMATU Project, Congo DR

Here is a testimony from one of the girls benefiting from the BAMATU Project. That rescues girls from prostitution:
I am not from Mbujimayi (where the BAMATU Center is located). I came from the interior (Mia bi).  I had no support when I moved here and I fell into evil hands and participated in an immoral life style. But now, as a result of the training I received at the BAMATU Center, I am able to support myself by sewing dresses to sell. May God bless the ministry.

Fri 14. Lucas - Tanzania

Lucas focused on training Sunday school teachers during the quarter. One of the training programs was for teachers in Mbweni and was called ‘The Greatest Journey course’ which was intended to equip teachers to minister effectively to children who received shoebox gifts. Another training program was a three-week intensive training program for 34 teachers from 17 churches in Milo. Pray that the knowledge that was gained by participants may lead to more effective and fruitful ministry.

Sat 15. Adedotun - Jigawa, Nigeria

Sola visited eleven Bible clubs during the quarter where he proclaimed the gospel message and challenged the children to embrace daily bible meditation. Here is a testimony from one child named Loveth: “I never knew it is this refreshing. Countless times I have heard about the importance of having personal devotion with God but I never gave it a thought. Thank God, I have started and I find those times really refreshing.” Thank God for Loveth and others like him who made concrete decisions to follow the Lord and meet with him daily.

Sun 16. James - Liberia

James completed the Bible Reading Promotion and Bible Story Telling programs in schools. The goal of these programs is to increase young people’s interest in reading God's word. Pray that they may be drawn closer each day to the Lord and his word. Thank God for the inauguration of two new Community groups where people meet for weekly Bible study and fellowship.

Mon 17. Marie-Therese - Rwanda

Gilbert, an eight-year-old boy, had been a regular attendee of Sunday School class, but the messages did not appear to be impacting his life at all and he even stole a mobile phone from his neighbor. It was while trying to sell it that God’s Spirit convicted him of his sin. He remembered the things he had learned in Sunday School about the evil of stealing and its eternal consequence, and handed over the phone the following Sunday. He confessed his sin and received Jesus as his Savior. Thank God for the impact of Sunday School ministry.

Tue 18. Joannes - Sierra Leone

About 265 people, including the representative of the paramount chief of Kono, church leaders, and school sponsors witnessed the revival of ministry activities in the city. Thank God for 22 people who responded to the gospel message delivered during one of the programs. Pray that the Lord may sustain Joannes’ ministry. Iye recently accepted the Lord as her Savior. Thank God that although she is from a Muslim family, her parents have not hindered or persecuted her because of her faith.

Wed 19. Irmiya - Kaduna, Nigeria

Irmiya focused on Bible club visitation and leadership development during the quarter. He conducted a leadership training program in eight tertiary institutions, a zonal officers’ orientation course, and a retreat for associates. Pray that the impact of these trainings may be seen in the different ministries of participants.

Thu 20. Jeff- Zambia

I met Christian Nonde, a first year Mathematics student, during a Nkana College of Education fellowship meeting. His roommate had invited him to the meeting and he came to ask some questions after our bible study session. We agreed to meet regularly to read the scriptures and to answer other questions that he had about the person of Jesus and personal salvation. During our National Conference in July, Christian walked up to me and said that he was ready to accept Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. It has been a joy to see how keen he is to know more about the Lord. He asks challenging questions. Please pray for his growth and for our continued regular meetings. 

Fri 21. Abolaji - Nasarawa, Nigeria

I met Christian Nonde, a first year Mathematics student, during a Nkana College of Education fellowship meeting. His roommate had invited him to the meeting and he came to ask some questions after our bible study session. We agreed to meet regularly to read the scriptures and to answer other questions that he had about the person of Jesus and personal salvation. During our National Conference in July, Christian walked up to me and said that he was ready to accept Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. It has been a joy to see how keen he is to know more about the Lord. He asks challenging questions. Please pray for his growth and for our continued regular meetings. 

Sat 22 Dennis - Uganda

Dennis organized a children and youth camp in Central Uganda in May. The camp brought together 222 children, youth and adults. The theme of the camp was drawn from Ephesians 2:10. During this camp, 80 participants gave their lives to the Lord. The camp hosted a Bishop from one of the regions as the main speaker, which was a big step in fostering partnership with the evangelical Anglican Church in the area.

Sun 23. Worldlink USA

Praise God for His continued provision throughout this year. We have seen 32,000 plus people come to faith in Christ. Please pray as we come to the end of this year that many more would come to Christ. Pray for the provision for our partners around the world.


Mon 24. Mildred - Guatemala

Mildred thanks God for the freedom to preach his word in Escuintla. Although violence has lately been erupting in the area, she thanks God for enabling her to share his message of love widely. Many of the crimes are carried out by teenagers and young people, which reinforces her conviction of the need to continue sharing the word of God with children and young people so they will not follow the same evil paths.

Tue 25. Sandra - Guatemala

Thank God for many children who received the Lord as their Savior through Sandra’s ministry. Thank him also for giving her ministry access to a new school and for a new volunteer who is serving with her and is also supplying materials to enhance the ministry to the children.


Wed 26. Bryceson - Tanzania

Bryceson organized two camps in June, one for youths and the other for form six (Grade 13) students. He also ministered the word of God at Pandahill High School’s graduation ceremony. Thank God for seven students who responded to the message by accepting Christ’s offer of salvation.

Thu 27. Sibusiso - Swaziland

Sibusiso organized two camps during the quarter – the national camp which attracted about 400 youths and a local camp in Mhlume with 80 young people in attendance. The focus of the national camp was on identity. In total about 80 youths received the Lord as their Savior at the camps. Thank God for these and pray for their growth. Also thank God for a new Bible club that was launched in Mhlatane Primary School.

Fri 28. John - Zambia

John conducted a Leadership training program in three regions. In total, 157 teachers and senior friends were trained and equipped to ably lead Bible clubs in schools and disciple the young people in their localities. He also conducted two Sunday school teachers’ trainings for 63 Sunday school teachers and inaugurated 26 new Bible clubs. Pray that those who have been trained will be able to minister more effectively in their schools and churches. Pray also that the new clubs will have a fruitful witness in their schools

Sat 29. Mathe - Congo DR

After Mathe taught some children how to witness, they went out to evangelize and pray with people who came their way, seeking to bring them into the Kingdom of God.  Katembo, age 7, reports: "I met two children who were about to fight as they fetched water. I told them about the story of Noah. That the flood came upon the people because of sin but Noah was saved because of his faith before God. ‘Avoid sin’, I pleaded with them.” Katembo brought the two children aged 8 and 9 to the Bible club meeting and both boys received Jesus Christ as the Savior of their lives. Thank God for the word of God on the lips of infants.

Sun 30. Zablon - Tanzania

Zablon organized a successful conference for youths in the Coastal region with about 300 youths in participation. He also organized a children’s camp which attracted 300 children. Most were children in need who were accompanied by their parents, so the ministry focused on both the children and their parents. Thank God for 60 people who became children of God during the quarter.

Mon 31. Gideon - Uganda

Gideon conducted leadership training for children in Junior Bible clubs. The training was to help the children understand God’s desire for their lives and the importance of following Jesus whole-heartedly as the first step to reaching and discipling their peers. The training was conducted in two cities with a total of 185 children and 13 teachers participating. Thank God for the commitment of many of the children to practice their daily devotion and to encourage their peers to do the same.