What Others Have Said

“…Worldlink is a ministry with a mission close to God’s heart and strategy that brings positive results with low expenses and exemplary Christian leadership. I commend Worldlink to you.”
~ Dr. Philip G. Ryken, President, Wheaton College. Wheaton IL


“In my role as Scripture Union International Director, I oversee our work in over 120 countries. In my travels, I have seen first-hand the fruit of Worldlink’s native missionary partnerships and the tremendous value and outcomes of their support. I am happy to recommend Worldlink and Jack to you without hesitation.”
~ Janet Morgan, International Director, Scripture Union International, London, UK


“As a Christian I am called to reach people around the world with the Gospel. As a business owner I am also called to be a faithful steward of the resources God has blessed me with and to seek to get the highest return on investment of Kingdom resources. Both of these calls are satisfied in the work of Worldlink International Ministries.”
~ Jeffrey Rose, Chairman, Waco Associates, Delray Beach, FL


“In 2002, when the Lord led Jack to found Worldlink to help spread the gospel in partnership with Native Missionaries, I was thrilled because I had experienced first-hand the effectiveness of the Native Missionaries with whom Jack had connected me….Without hesitation, I encourage you to join in God’s work through Worldlink with your prayers, your investment of time and your generous financial partnership.”
 ~ Rev. Carroll L.G. Wynne, Minister of Pastoral Care, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA, (Worldlink Board Member)


“Put simply, if Worldlink did not exist, the forward thrust of the Gospel message would be thwarted in many strategic areas. Worldlink has my highest respect and greatest appreciation. Their work is not easy, but it is vital.”
~ David Jones, President, Strive, LLC, Fort Collins, CO


“… Worldlink’s internal controls and procedures are about as good as any I’ve seen…your system is set up very well, and covers all the bases and then some.”
~ Georgia L.S. Myers, CPA, Director, Canon Capital Certified Public Accountants, Souderton, PA