November Prayerlink

Dear Friend,

You pray for Worldlink's indigenous missionary partners because you yearn to see our current partners and new partners reach unreached for Christ. As you will see when you work your way through this month’s Prayer Guide, that is exactly what is happening.

God's blessing and the fruitfulness of their ministries is, at least in part, a result of your care and prayers. Thank you for following Paul's admonition in Colossians 4:2-4 where he writes:

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ... pray that I may proclaim it clearly as I should. 

Jack Nelson
Worldlink International Ministries


Group Bible Study during a weekend outreach ~ Plateau, Nigeria

Tue 1. Akin - Plateau, Nigeria

Akin organized two weekend outreaches in two boarding schools. The programs included film shows, Bible studies, and messages that presented the gospel to the students. Of the 802 attending students, 67 received the Lord as their Savior. Akin was also the main speaker at a four-day student conference where another 45 people came to faith in Christ. Thank God for His abundant blessings on this ministry.

Wed 2. Stephen - Abuja, Nigeria
Stephen ministered to 4,495 people during the quarter through various outreach programs that included trainings, evangelistic meetings, and holiday programs. Thank God for 564 people who committed their lives to Jesus Christ.  Pray that the Lord will sustain their faith and their commitment to Him. Pray that Stephen will be able to settle down quickly in his new station—Yobe Area which covers the three states in the turbulent North-East.

Thu 3. Joseph - Sokoto, Nigeria
During the quarter Joseph visited 20 Bible clubs, conducted school rallies in three centers, and "Send-Forth" rallies in five schools. The "Send-Forth" program is to prepare final year students for life after school, either in higher institutions of learning or the market place. Pray for God’s blessings on these programs that impacted the lives of over 2,500 young people.

Bible Quiz competition ~ Kebbi State, Nigeria

Fri 4. Cyprian - Kebbi, Nigeria

Two new Bible clubs were inaugurated, one in a secondary school and the other in a post-secondary institution. Pray that God will grant these clubs effectiveness in their ministries to other students in their institutions. Post-secondary school club members also have the additional responsibility to oversee secondary and primary school Bible clubs in their vicinity.

Timothy in the center surrounded by his team ~ Kenya

Sat 5. Timothy - Kenya

Timothy has recently started attending the School of Mission in Nairobi to receive addition training. This has added to his already busy schedule. On the weekends, he goes into the neighborhood to share the Good News of Jesus with the adults and children in the nearby Orphanage. In the past three months, Timothy has ministered to 30 people and four of them accepted Christ as their Savior. Please pray for effective follow-up.

Sun 6. Nelito - Mozambique

Nelito began his ministry in Nampula with sessions of prayer, fasting and intercession for the land. He also began surveying the area to understand the terrain in which he is to serve the Lord. In the midst of the surveying, the Lord is sending people for him to disciple. Pray for a fruitful ministry in this city and two other areas that are already opening up.

Preparing soil to receive seed and preparing hearts to receive God's Word ~ Kenya

Prepar Mon 7. Dennis - Kenya

The Watta people with whom Dennis works, are predominantly Muslim. He started using farming and teaching as tools to reach them with the gospel. He also does visitation and daily door to door evangelism. Thank God for a family with five children who responded to the gospel message and are being discipled.

Children at Bible Camp during activity time ~ Benin

Tue 8. Kiki - Benin

Kiki’s ministry included organizing three Bible camps. One of the camps was a first of its kind in Djakotomey, a very poor area of the country, and had only 37 children in attendance. The camps in Ouidah and Parakou ministered to a total of 263 children all together. Thank God for the 96 volunteers who ministered to the children alongside Kiki. Pray that the seeds that have been sown into the lives of the children will bear eternal fruit.

School children at Kivinje and classrooms under construction ~ Kenya

Wed 9. Yeremiah - Kenya

Yeremiah reports that in the past three months he has been talking to a man with an Islamic background who has many questions about Christ and Christianity—which they are prayerfully discussing. He also teaches and preaches in a small fellowship within the village. The construction of new class rooms for the school is also continuing in Kivinje. Please pray for funds to complete the project.

Teaching on biblical marriage during a Couples retreat ~ Burkina Faso

Thu 10. Joseph - Burkina Faso

One of those who came to faith in the Lord during the quarter was a man with a family of nine. He was sick and went around to the surrounding villages seeking a cure, but all his efforts were in vain. Having no love for Christians, he would not accept prayer. But when he realized that his days were numbered he decided to try out all the possibilities, and accepted our offer to pray for him. It was quite extraordinary. This man recovered a few days later and he immediately gave his life to the Lord and invited all his family members to follow Jesus, the great healer. Please support him and his family in prayers.

Emmanuel leading a Training of Trainers session ~ Yaounde, Cameron

Emmanuel leading a Training of Trainers session ~ Yaounde, Cameron

Fri 11. Emmanuel - Cameron

Emmanuel conducted three international training programs including a program for those who train editors/writers of devotional materials, a program for capacity building in life-skills facilitation, and training for national leaders from five countries. Thank God for the influence and impact of these programs, and thank him too for an unexpected opportunity that Emmanuel had to preach in a local church that drew four people into God’s kingdom.

Children reviewing games in light of God's Word and principles ~ Lesotho

Sat 12. David - Lesotho

David led a team of volunteers to spend a week in July with children at a village in the suburb of Maseru. The team engaged the children in various sports and games, and in the process shared God’s love with them. This is a new ministry strategy. Pray that it may lead many of the kids to the Lord. Thank God for nine new bible clubs that were inaugurated during the quarter and three others that were revived.

Sun 13. John - Liberia
John preached God’s word at a Youth Convention and a Healing and Prayer Ministry where two people accepted God’s offer of salvation. Thank God for the effectiveness of the Pastor’s Breakfast Fellowship which meets twice a month to support members in their ministries. They recently conducted two all-night prayers of deliverance in a member’s house, at the end of which a nephew confessed the evils he was sent to inflict upon the minister’s family. Thank God for His wisdom and protection.

Role pay to promote Bible reading ~ Rwanda

Role pay to promote Bible reading ~ Rwanda

Mon 14. Ezechias - Rwanda

Ezechias visited 43 Bible clubs during a week that was devoted to prayer, Bible reading promotion, and evangelism. A Bible Quiz was also organized during the week to challenge young people to meditate on God’s word regularly. Thank God for 45 young people who came to faith in the Lord during the week.

Tue 15. Joannes - Sierra Leone
Joannes organized a camp for youth in North Kono region in July. The theme of the camp was, "I am God’s Idea" based on Genesis 1:26. Thank the Lord for the impact of the messages and activities on about 500 participants, and especially 65 youth who came to faith in Jesus Christ. Joannes highlighted the numerous challenges he faces as he ministers in a Muslim dominated area. Please pray for wisdom and protection for him and other partners who are serving in areas where Islam/Hinduism or other religions are in the majority.

Campers hearing the Word of God at Youth Camp ~ Mupanda, Congo DR

Wed 16. David - Beni, Congo DR

David ministered in three camps during the quarter, two that were organized by local churches and one that was organized by the university Christian group. He also engaged in one-on-one personal evangelism which resulted in the salvation of four people for which we give glory to the Lord.

Most exciting ministry to the children of Zanzibar

Thu 17. Lucas - Tanzania

Lucas reports: “I find ministering to children most exciting. I feel happy when I am doing this. God has opened the door of ministry to the children of Dole Anglican Church. We have only 12 children coming every Saturday. Most children living in the area are from Muslim homes but even those from non-religious or normal Christian homes feel pressure to turn to Islam. None of the children have parents who are both Christians. Some are Muslims while others, especially fathers, are alcoholic. Please pray for effective ministry among these children.”

Fri 18. Worldlink USA
As we approach the United States celebration of Thanksgiving, praise the Lord for all He has done through Worldlink over the past 15 years.


Children during activity and Bible Camp ~ Nepal

Sat 19. Dhruba - Nepal

Dhruba has so far this year organized five camps. Four of the camps have been in partnership with local churches. The camps ministered to over 500 children and youth. Thank God for 120 volunteers who helped to supervise the camps.

Sun 20. Anonymous - Asia
Pray for plans to open a library at RKU to serve as a platform for ministry in this area. ADI and SJI are currently being prepared for baptism. Pray that they may fully grasp the truth of the gospel to which they are committing to. Pray for the nine service areas in RKU, that the team serving in each area may be able to share the Good News fearlessly but wisely.

Mon 21. Uttam - India
In the last three months, Uttam has been doing evangelism in two villages. Every Friday, he visits and provides pastoral guidance for the cell church at Kabiraj Para. Thank God for Durga Ghorai from a nominal Hindu family who accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Pray that she may remain steadfast in her faith.

Tue 22. Panjok - India
Panjok has concentrated his efforts on reaching out to the children in Sunday School and in tract evangelism through handing out Gospel pamphlets. . Please pray for good health for him and his mother. His body is often weakened by a seemingly incessant attack of fever and flu.  

Wed 23. Gopal - India
Gopal visited three villages during the quarter where he shared the Good News with over 60 people. There is not yet any positive response. Pray that the seed sown may achieve its purpose in each life.

Thu 24. Abhilash - India
Abhilash has been engaging in personal evangelism and open preaching. Has also had preaching engagements in some churches. Through these, the Lord has drawn four people into his kingdom. One of them is a highly educated man who, after years of rejecting the way of salvation, turned to the Lord in repentance and received real joy from Him. Thank the Lord for drawing him into his kingdom.

Fri 25. Amar = India
Amar Raj shared the Good News with about 250 people in Tokpa and Pani villages. He also distributed about 200 gospel tracts. “People are just interested to hear our message but so far none has responded. We need to pray that God will speak directly to their hearts so they may respond to Him.”

Sat 26. Barnabas - India
Barnabas shared the Good News of Jesus in Chandraman Nepali, Bakbire, and Manedara villages, and in the Pangjang area. During this season, most people in these areas are involved in rice cultivation which makes it harder to reach out to them as they spend from dawn to dusk in the fields. Barnabas also distributed 25 Bibles. Thank God for two people who accepted Christ as their personal Savior in the beginning of August. And thank Him that people are becoming more and more interested in the gospel.

Sun 27 . Burra - India
Burra’s focus has been on personal evangelism in the surrounding villages. He made visits to three villages and one tribal community. Thank God for four people who are now coming to church. A new church meeting was inaugurated in the city among the Hindu and Muslim communities in a rented house and ten people are currently attending. Pray for the growth of this church. Also, Burra’s mother recently passed away. Please pray for God’s comfort.

Mon 28. Chacko & Laly - India
Chacko and Laly are experiencing increased opposition, mainly from Hindus, who are against house to house evangelism. They are encountering the same opposition to meetings that are conducted in the homes of believers. Sharing the gospel with new people is becoming more difficult. Some people also refuse to rent their houses to believers. Pray that God may open new doors of witnessing.


Children and Youth at Bible Camp ~ Guatemala

Tue 29. Mildred - Guatemala
Mildred organized a camp for about 200 children. Fifty children from a very poor community were sponsored to attend the camp. They had the opportunity to fellowship with other children and hear the word of God. Thank God for about 100 children who received Christ as their Savior during the camp, and for other activities conducted during the quarter.

Wed 30. Sandra - Guatemala

Sandra reports that Bible lessons are being taught in eight schools every week. Thank God for assistance that has been received from a few churches and school teachers. One of the teachers, who herself is not a Christian, consistently reads bible lessons to her pupils each day. She has observed marked change in the lives of several of her pupils. Please pray for these children, and that this teacher may come to faith in the Lord.