October 2019 Prayerlink


Tue 1. Bereket – Ethiopia

I facilitated a three-day conference in Homecho during which I brought the main messages and encouraged the people in their walk with the Lord. I also preached the word of God in Borena Church during their three-day revival meetings and commissioned three missionaries the church was sending out. Please pray that the missionaries may faithfully proclaim the message of salvation to all who come their way.

Wed 2. Romain – Congo DR

Thank God for three street kids who recently came to faith in Christ. They came to our church to give their testimony sharing how they made passers-by suffer as they steal their goods. We have just restored them back to their parents. Pray that God may sustain them, so they never return to their former ways of life.

Thu 3. Joseph – Benue, Nigeria

Visited 22 Primary school Bible and Life-skills clubs ministering to over 2,000 children during the visits. Thank God for the growth being experienced in Primary school ministry. Pray for more volunteers to meet the needs in this area of ministry.

Life-skills Readers’ Club – Benue, Nigeria

Life-skills Readers’ Club – Benue, Nigeria

Fri 4. Marie-Therese – Rwanda

Anne, 10 years old, came to our camp at the invitation of her friend, the pastor’s daughter. She complained of being tired of living. Her stepmother had made her life extremely difficult. Her parents are Muslims, but she goes to church and sings in the children’s choir. She confessed she had made up her mind to kill her step-mother and then commit suicide. She repented and gave her life to Jesus. Praise God for her salvation and pray that God’s peace may be restored to her home.

Children at Camp - Rwanda

Children at Camp - Rwanda

Sat 5. David – Beni, Congo DR

Conducted training for Bible Study Leaders and Sunday School teachers in Kasindi Lubiriha, prepared some engaged couples for their wedding, and conducted coaching classes for couples from the Builders of Happy Families group. Thank God for grace to mentor many for ministry and happy family life.

Bible Study Leaders’ Training – Congo DR

Bible Study Leaders’ Training – Congo DR

Sun 6. Stellah – Tanzania

Organized six camps for children and young people in different parts of the country during the summer holidays. Thank God for about 1,700 children and teens who participated in these camps and 368 of who came to faith in Christ.

Children’s Camp - Morogoro, Tanzania

Children’s Camp - Morogoro, Tanzania

Mon 7. Joniel – Plateau, Nigeria

Thank God for helping us to successfully conduct a committee training course, a post-secondary school leadership training/conference, and Easter conference. Pray that the lessons learned will enhance the ministry of the 98 people who went through these trainings.

Tue 8. Gideon – Uganda

During the past quarter, he mobilized and coordinated evangelistic missions reaching 4 districts: Mbale, Sironko, Soroti, and Butaleja. The gospel message was proclaimed to children, teens and teachers in 31 primary and 36 secondary schools during the two-week mission. Many thousand children and teens received the Lord’s offer of salvation. In a Teacher’s College of 250, 12 trainee teachers responded to the gospel message that was powerfully presented to them. Praise God for His blessings on the missions.

Ministering to Children in a Primary School - Uganda

Ministering to Children in a Primary School - Uganda

Wed 9. Patrick – Congo DR

Patrick put on a three-day training program for Sunday school teachers of two local churches in Kasindi Lubiriha. A new life-skill club was also inaugurated in Mukulya Institute. Thank God for the changes observed in the lives of the life-skills club children since they started participating in the program. Some of them have come to faith in Jesus.

Life-skills Club, Mukulya School – Congo DR

Life-skills Club, Mukulya School – Congo DR

Thu 10. Jackson – Tanzania

Thank God that the government continues to allow us to preach the word of God to prisoners. We are currently ministering in two prisons. We have supplied them with Bible reading materials and last month, we supplied each prison with six Bible proclaimers (audio Bible). More than 100 prisoners have given lives to Jesus for which we give God the praise.

Fri 11. Albino – Yobe, Nigeria

Conducted two Mission awareness programs, one for three church congregations and the other for 12 final year students in Damaturu Polytechnic. Pray that our churches will be more mission-minded so the Great Commission may be carried out at a faster rate.

Sat 12. David – Beni, Congo DR

Pray for the Worldlink US Board of Directors’ meeting today. For wisdom and discernment of God’s direction for the ministry.

Sun 13. Stephen – Yobe, Nigeria

Thank God for the 1,444 people reached through our various outreaches and 105 of them who committed their lives to Jesus Christ.  Pray that God will sustain their commitment to the Lord. There have been some renewed attacks by Boko Haram on communities around Damaturu and Maiduguri. Please pray that God may keep our communities safe. 


Mon 14. Sandra – Guatemala

Thank God for open doors to reach many children in four new schools. We continue to minister in the Institute of Basic Education with the special support of the teaching staff. Thank God for meeting our needs for volunteers and funds.

Tue 15. Mildred – Guatemala

Thank God for opening the door of ministry to one more school with 300 students. Pray for effective and life-touching ministry among these children. Pray that the volunteers who will help us supervise this new Bible club may passionately share the word of God with the children.

Wed 16. Joe & Gloria – Columbia

About 300 children were at the drug prevention evangelistic outreach conducted for Primary schools in Montería. Thank God for Adrea, a young professional with two children who was delivered from the bondage of drug addiction. He has since become part of the ministry team working with children in Sanfelipe. Pray for his sustenance and effective ministry.

Bible Club in Session - Guatemala

Bible Club in Session - Guatemala

Thu 17. Worldlink UK

Worldlink President Jack Nelson departs from USA today for a four-day visit to Scotland and 14 days in India. Please pray for safe journey, fruitful ministry in Scotland and India, and God’s presence at the Worldlink UK Board of Trustees’ meeting on Saturday, October 19.


Fri 18. Anonymous – E. Asia

Give thanks for every work of God among our people group. Many people still engage in animism. Schools and modern amenities are rare or non-existent. We are however grateful for the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus with the people here. Thank God for the baptism of five people during the first half of the year. Pray that the Lord may strengthen the faith of the new believers and continue to bless our ministry in this tough environment.

Sat 19. Isaac – Bhutan

We were not allowed to freely carry out our planned activities during the first six months of the year but now we can. Thank God for the open doors and pray that new souls may be added to His church during this semester.

Sun 20. Asif – Pakistan

We thank God for opportunity to conduct school meetings in 45 schools in different cities of Pakistan during the past year. Besides this, we also visited three hostels in Lahore and Sialkot where we continue to teach Bible lessons on Christian faith putting special emphasis on coping with the present situation in the modern world.

Mon 21. Angela – India

God has opened doors to reach people as I share the word of God with them. He taught me to persevere in prayers especially when interacting with people with burdened hearts. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to share a few thoughts on ‘sound doctrine’ with pastors gathered in Tarigoppula, Andhrapradesh and Mylavaram. They were about 100 pastors in total.

Tue 22. Repudi – India

My passion and vision is to reach the Lambada tribe with the gospel message. People in many of these villages have never heard the name of the Lord Jesus Christ declared. I have been praying for opportunities to share the gospel with some families. Thank God for an opportunity to minister to Banavathu, a Hindu for whose salvation we have been praying. God answered our prayer and he recently prayed to receive the Lord. Pray that he may be firmly rooted in his new-found faith.

Wed 23. Aga – India

Thank God for the opportunity to share the word of God in 6 churches and proclaim the gospel message in some villages. Six people were baptized after declaring their faith in the Lord Jesus. Thank God also for a new church building we recently dedicated.

Thu 24. Abhishek – India

About 500 people heard the gospel message at the open-air crusades we conducted in Ananthavaram and Mylavaram. Sarahbee, a former Muslim, received the Lord during the crusade in Ananthavaram. Her first desire was to see her children also come to know Christ. Thank God that after some failed efforts and much prayers, the children (Rahim and Meeravali) have started attending Sunday services. Please pray that they too may soon come to experience Christ’s saving power and bring joy to Sarahbee and to us all.

Fri 25. Banvarilal – India

I have a team of seven missionaries working with me and we have reached out to 35 villages with the gospel message. We currently have 25 house churches and 13 cell groups. In the past few months, we thank the Lord for 9 people who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and 9 people who were baptized.

Sat 26. Lachayya – India

In response to the gospel message I preached recently, a drunkard and two Hindu families came to faith in Jesus Christ. Thank God also for the blessing of a baby to our elder. 

Sun 27. Jeevan - India

Papamma, a lady in Tarigoppula had stopped coming to church regularly because she was disgruntled. She has been suffering from a severe cough for two months. She could not speak or go to work. During a Sunday worship that she attended, she received God’s healing. She thanked the Lord for her healing and asked for forgiveness. From then on, her attitude towards God and His people changed. To God alone be the glory.

Mon 28. Devadanam - India  

Mahadevapuram, a city where God has sent us to minister, is a large area with about 5,000 houses altogether. We are often molested by Hindu fundamentalists, yet the people now call me ‘The Gospel Preacher.’ The Lord blessed our ministry in the past quarter with baptisms of 5 people. Two others will soon be baptized having completed baptismal class. We currently have two house churches and two cell groups. Pray that God may continue to protect and enrich these fellowships.

Tue 29. EIM - India

Laws against conversions in 8 States, not only rob tribals and Dalits of their rights to freedom of faith, some of them also have punitive measures against pastors. Most dangerously, the anti-conversion laws seem to provide a license to non-state actors, some other ideologically-aligned groups, and the police and local government officials, to target Christians. Despite heavy persecution, God continues to bring the people to trust Him for salvation as 9 people recently did. They declared their faith publicly through baptism despite the possible cost. Praise the Lord.  

Baptism - India

Baptism - India

Wed 30. Mariadas – India

Himambi was paralyzed and undergoing much suffering. I have shared the gospel message with her on many occasions. I prayed for her and by God’s grace she was healed and made whole. She is one of the six people who came to faith in Christ during the quarter. Thank God because through this miraculous intervention in Hamambi’s life, He has opened the door of ministry to more people in the village.

Thu 31. Dibyajoli – India

We have focused our ministry on Ghobur village. About 87 people heard the gospel message in the past quarter and we thank God for seven people who responded to our message and received God’s salvation. Pray for growth in the ministry so many more can hear the gospel message and turn their lives over to the Lord.