May 2018 Prayerlink


Tue 1. Mildred - Guatemala

She organized training for volunteers in Guatemala City and Escuintla. A Christian TV channel recorded and broadcast the training in Guatemala City nationally. Pray that the training may impact each trainee’s ministry to the children and young people to whom they disciple. Pray also for Esther, a faithful volunteer who is suffering from liver cancer.

Volunteers Meeting – Escuintla, Guatemala

Volunteers Meeting – Escuintla, Guatemala

Wed 2. Sandra - Guatemala

Thank God for enabling her team to organize the first Vacation Bible School and for several children who trusted the Lord during the program. Thank God also for the clear gospel message which the parents who accompanied their children to the program heard. May it draw them closer to God’s Kingdom.


Thu 3. Danishmand – Pakistan

He conducted training for Sunday School teachers and taught some courses in the Bible college. He went to over 30 churches to share the Word of God and give information about his ministry. Thank God for bringing about 300 new believers into His kingdom. Pray for comfort for his family as they mourn the death of his father.

Fri 4. Daud – Pakistan

Conducted Sunday school teachers’ training in three centers in Lahore and one in Peshawar. About 70 Sunday school teachers participated in the trainings. Pray that the trainees may use the lessons learnt to minister effectively in their churches and communities.

Sat 5. Kiran – Pakistan

“During my visit to a hostel [dormitory] I noticed one of the girls was withdrawn and full of negative attitude. When I talked to her, she complained that everyone including her parents hate her. The parents are not happy with her grades. She said my message was therefore irrelevant to her. I told her about the unconditional love of Jesus, the one who loves us even when our grades are low. She embraced the Lord Jesus and her life has since turned around. She now has her daily devotion and is growing in her faith. Thank God for His intervention in her life.”

Sun 6. Amar – India

“I have been paying regular visits to all the families in my village. Recently, however, I started going to a new village which is 30 km away. Two families there have shown keen interest in the message. As I continue to visit them, please pray that the ministry there may soon develop into a new congregation.”

Mon 7. Binny – India

“One young man who has been on drugs for 12 years was brought to our church. We prayed earnestly for him. God answered our prayers. He has stopped taking drugs and is now free from tobacco and other weeds. He experiences some withdrawal symptoms on and off. Please pray for his complete deliverance.”

Tue 8. Dasu – India

Dasu visited and proclaimed the gospel message to ten families in a neighboring city. Thank God for four of them that turned to the Lord for salvation. Pray for their steady growth. Thank God also for ongoing construction of a new church building in Panduvarigdem.

Wed 9. Dasari – India

Has started ministering in a new village, a Koya tribe village. Organizing open air meetings has become very difficult because of government and societal oppsition. Please pray for wisdom and safety especially as they plan to conduct Vacation Bible School in summer.

Thu 10. Devi – India

Has continued to proclaim the gospel message in four villages. Although there were no new believers or baptism, thank God for restoring two backslidden families. “I used to visit their homes whenever I found time and pray for them. Now they have resumed regular church attendance.”

Fri 11. Bijah – India

“I have been investing in the life of one young man in my church and encouraging him to serve the Lord. He is young and energetic but also really vulnerable because of his many worldly friends. To God’s glory, he recently informed me he wants to serve the Lord and expressed his desire to go to Bible school. So we are now preparing to send him to train in Kathmandu. Please pray that God may multiply His grace in his life.”

Sat 12. Sachin – India

Has been sharing the gospel message in three places: Aapgachi-Sunsari, Morang and Taplejug. Of the 32 who heard the gospel message, thank God for ten of them who accepted Jesus as Lord of their lives.

Sun 13. CPM Team – Indonesia

“Towards the end of 2017, we opened the LayTraining in four new locations with more than 50 new trainees. Our most effective evangelistic ministry with Muslims is back on track after being ‘laid low’ most of 2017 because the pastor’s son was sent to prison on trumped-up charges. Please pray for much fruit to accompany this ministry.”

Mon 14. Worldlink USA

Pray that the Lord would provide an influx of new monthly prayer and financial supporters that will allow us to empower many more Indigenous Missionaries.


Tue 15. Sola – Kaduna, Nigeria

A Film Show in two schools and one on the street reached out to 1550 children and teens. Over half of those who watched the films indicated their desire to follow Christ. Many of these are from Queen Amina School, a key girls’ school in the city. Please pray for effective follow-up of these new believers.

Street Film Show – Kaduna, Nigeria

Street Film Show – Kaduna, Nigeria

Wed 16. Berhanu – Ethiopia

Mobilized students to conduct evangelistic activities in various towns during the Easter season. The students shared the gospel message and their testimonies with their school friends and peers. More than 4200 students had the opportunity to hear God’s good news and 21 believers were reported. Pray that the students will keep the flag of the gospel flying in their institutions.

Thu 17. Morris – Liberia

Conducted training for peer club leaders to equip them to effectively lead their school Bible clubs. The aim is to fill the gap created by lack of Bible club visitors. Pray that the young leaders who have gone through these trainings may give the needed leadership in their clubs.

Fri 18. Mathe – Congo DR

Conducted two Sunday School Teachers’ Trainings, one for churches in Nyabushongo and the other a Training of Trainers (ToT) course for 50 teachers. Pray that all who have gone through the ToT may be faithful trainers of other teachers in their churches.

Sunday School Training – Congo DR

Sunday School Training – Congo DR

Sat 19. Joseph – Burkina Faso

Apart from distribution of Bible reading guides and conducting training in daily Bible meditation, he and his team were able to visit some Bible clubs in schools and colleges. Thank God for the few volunteers who have faithfully supported work in schools. Pray for more volunteers.

A Volunteer Leading a Bible Club – Burkina Faso

A Volunteer Leading a Bible Club – Burkina Faso

Sun 20. Irmiya – Nasarawa, Nigeria

Organized conferences in three centers for teens with a total of 4,700 participants. Also ministered to 724 students during visits to four Bible clubs. Thank God for granting the opportunity to impact the lives of many children and young people. Pray for adequate resources to execute desired activities.

Conference Participants – Nasarawa, Nigeria

Conference Participants – Nasarawa, Nigeria

Mon 21. Sylvain – Congo DR

“By the grace of God, we conducted training for 25 junior leaders selected from our various Bible clubs and local committees. These are teenagers who aspire to become coaches of children and other groups in our ministry. Through this, we are seeking to prepare the next generation of leaders. Please uphold these young leaders in your prayers.” 

Break Time, Junior Leaders’ Training – Congo DR

Break Time, Junior Leaders’ Training – Congo DR

Tue 22. Lawrence – The Gambia

He organized a rally which brought students from various schools and denominations together.  Some of them had the opportunity to exhibit their God-given musical talents. The gospel message was proclaimed clearly and participants were given the opportunity to rededicate their lives and talents to the Lord. Pray that all present may truly draw closer to the Lord and serve Him wholeheartedly.

A Presentation During Rally – The Gambia

A Presentation During Rally – The Gambia

Wed 23. Emmanuel – Cameroun

He delivered God’s message at two services in Nkomo Parish, Yaounde and facilitated monthly Bible reflections for users of a Bible reading guide. He also led a follow-up meeting to assist 11 people who had expressed difficulties in their interaction with the word of God. Thank God for the opportunity to help people acquire a deeper knowledge of His word.

Thu 24. Bryceson – Tanzania

Thank God for a successful three-day camp which ministered to 80 children. One young man who served during the camp said he received Christ as his Savior during the 2012 children’s camp. He thanked the Lord for the way he has directed his life since then and offered to serve the Lord through the ministry focusing particularly on children’s ministry.

Fri. 25 James – Jos, Nigeria

Facilitated the training of 52 student leaders from 17 post-secondary institutions in Kaduna Area (consisting of four states). Pray that these students may give godly leadership in their groups.

A Session at the Student Leaders’ Training – Kaduna, Nigeria

A Session at the Student Leaders’ Training – Kaduna, Nigeria

Sat 26. Ezechias – Rwanda

With a group of volunteers, he visited 80 schools around the country between February 11 and March 18 to share the message of the gospel with the students. They also conducted Bible reading promotion to encourage them to meditate on God’s word daily. Thank God for six teens who received Christ and are undergoing follow-up in Bible clubs.

Bible Club Members, Kigeme School - Rwanda

Bible Club Members, Kigeme School - Rwanda

Sun 27. Dickens – Uganda

“There was this young man who had lost his parents at an early age. Because his guardians showed him no love, he decided to live a wild life including going on hard drugs, hoping that will give him some happiness and joy. Unfortunately, he ended up hurting himself more and almost lost his life through mob justice when he was caught pick-pocketing to survive. He had been convicted on several occasions to yield his life to Christ but he kept resisting. He thought, ‘such a lifestyle is not good for people like me.’ One Sunday we visited his town to show a Christian film titled, Left Behind. He surrendered his life to the Lord and is now a transformed young man. He hopes to go back to school and even serve the Lord in the future. Praise the Lord.

Mon 28. Helene – Beni, Congo DR

Thank God for the opportunity to minister to more than 50 women during a spiritual retreat she organized at the Evangelical Church in Mavivi. Pray that the participants, many of whom are traumatized, may be encouraged to entrust their fears and concerns to the Lord fully.

[Note: For over 20 years, various armies and militias have battles in the area. Many have used sexual violence as a weapon to degrade and subjugate villages. Between 40-60% of women have been raped and traumatized.]

Tue 29. Simeon – Sierra Leone

In partnership with Children Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), he organized outreaches to four schools.  CEF donated Wonder Devotional materials. He gave these to the children along with a leaflet containing several Bible quizzes, puzzles, and other Bible games to help the kids engage with the Word of God. Thank God for 168 children who responded to the gospel message proclaimed. Pray for their consistent growth.

Children with Their Devotional Materials – Sierra Leone

Children with Their Devotional Materials – Sierra Leone

Wed 30. Gideon – Uganda

He led a team of volunteers to run camps for children and teens in Bukwo and Kapchorwa, respectively. The children’s camp had 273 children and 35 adults while 200 teens and 24 adults were in the youth camp. The aim of these camps was to shape the purpose of God in the lives of the children, young people, and their caretakers/guardians, by empowering them to totally live purpose-driven lives. Pray that what the campers learned may cause them to chart the God-ordained purpose for their lives.

Small Group at Camp – Uganda

Small Group at Camp – Uganda

Thu 31. Gerard – Congo DR

Organized two days of reflection on "commitment to God’s ministry" based on Isaiah 6:8-9 and " the supreme command" based on Matthew 28:18-20. Life-skills training which focussed on young leaders was conducted to equip them to lead School Life-skills clubs. Pray that the training may help each participant to be an effective leader.