November 2018 Prayerlink


Thu 1. AM Team

The team has been serving the Lord in BJLU village for three years. Praise the Lord for six families, including eleven children, who have responded to the message and received Jesus Christ as Savior and the Lord of their lives. Pray for the team as they continue to reach out to the families, trusting that God in His own time may draw many more souls to Himself.

Fri 2. Dhruba – Nepal

“My main focus in the past quarter was on church ministry, engaging in discipleship activities with ten adults and thirteen children in a local church. Thank God for the opportunity to impact their lives and pray that they may grow in their faith and become disciplers.”

Sat 3. Suman – Bangladesh

God is helping him and his team of missionaries to disciple 18 young boys in the Chak Bible Institute. The boys live together in the school hostel. Please pray that the Lord may continue to bless this ministry and help the boys to live in communion with Himself.

CBI Students – Bangladesh

CBI Students – Bangladesh

Sun 4. Kiran – India

Thank the Lord for helping his team to explore the unreached people groups in Myanmar and encourage the few missionaries laboring among the country’s 56 million people. There are 135 distinct ethnic groups in seven tribes (states). Of these, 47 million people are still unreached fully. 73% of these are Buddhists. Pray that the Lord may raise up more missionaries in the country and raise prayer and funding support for them.

Mon 5. Moirangthem – India

Shared the Gospel message during visits to Thanga Karang Island and Kumbi. An outreach program was also organized in the state of Manipur where, in addition to proclaiming the message of salvation, Gospel tracks and NT Bibles were distributed. Thank God for His blessings upon these engagements and for two new fellowships inaugurated in the two villages.

Tue 6. Jonathan – India

Witnessed to and counseled two people during the quarter during ministry in Imphal city areas and Nambol. He also had the opportunity to minister in Bible Believers Fellowship in Nambol, Karang Island and Kumbi. He plans to start a new fellowship in Leimaram, Bishnupur district. Please pray for success.

Wed 7. Norendro – India

“We have, for many years, trusted the Lord for a building for our church. Thank God for answering our prayers and giving us a new church building. Thank God also for the salvation of my grandson, Obadiah and my daughter-in-law. They both accepted Jesus Christ as Savior of their lives recently.”

Thu 8. Somendro – India

“I am looking after the Bible Believers Fellowship which meets in my house in Kumbi Haotak. I regularly go into the streets to distribute Gospel tracts and share the Gospel message. About 300 people heard the message last quarter. Pray that the Lord may grant me fruit among those who listen to my message.”

Fri 9. Soibam – India

“I live on Thanga Karang Island and am taking care of the church which was recently inaugurated by our team. Apart from leading this fellowship, I run an evening Bible class for the kids in the village, a great experience in ministry for me. Thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him.”

Sat 10. Chjantaiya - India

“Thank God for giving me the burden for the unreached. There are several villages that have not heard the name of Jesus. I have a particular burden for six of the villages. Thank God for drawing six people to Himself in Rasada village. I am currently following them up as I also disciple seven others whom I am seeking to motivate and encourage in the work of the Lord.”

Sun 11. Subrato – India

“Thank God for healing Hariopada from an incurable sickness which had defied diagnosis. Thank God for also touching the lives of two Hindu men who had vehemently opposed and fought against our ministry. They had encountered incidents from which no one except Jesus Christ our Lord could rescue them.”

Mon 12. Samuel – India

“In June, we organized a one-day Gospel meeting during which I had the privilege of sharing the gospel with many unbelievers. Thank God for Mrs. Nanao and my mother who both decided to dedicate their lives to the Lord. Pray that they may remain faithful to the Lord.”


Tue 13. Sandra – Guatemala

“We had a small group of children who were always arguing and fighting in their school. Our volunteer engaged in fervent prayer for them and shared God’s word with them. Thank God for the amazing result. They asked for forgiveness from each other leading to improved relationship and a more peaceful atmosphere.”

Bible Club – Guatemala

Bible Club – Guatemala

Wed 14. Mildred – Guatemala

Conducted various activities to end the school year in six schools. Thank God for the visit of a couple from Teaching Tools Ministry who shared God’s word in two schools. Thank Him for open doors to minister through life-skills programs in schools and for raising many volunteers to assist in the ministry. 

The Couple from Teaching Tools Ministering at the School - Guatemala

The Couple from Teaching Tools Ministering at the School - Guatemala

Thu 15. Dickens – Uganda

Partnered with African Evangelistic Enterprise to proclaim the Good News in several evangelistic events conducted in schools, hospitals, prisons, police barracks, and Universities during the “Kampala Return to God Mission.” He was privileged to challenge Medical practitioners and police constables among others about the need for salvation. Thank God for 139 people who came to faith in Christ during the program.

Fri 16. Bereket – Ethiopia

Facilitated camps in three churches - one each for students, student leaders, and youth leaders. Mesgana, 19, testified to receiving deliverance from the shackles of pornography during the camp for youth leader. Please pray that God’s Spirit may sustain her.

Small Group Discussion at Camp – Ethiopia

Small Group Discussion at Camp – Ethiopia

Sat 17. Emmanuel – Cameroun

Organized two camps each in June and July with a total of 405 participants. The camp in Maroua in the north was particularly challenging. His daughter had asked, “why don’t you cancel the camp when killing of people has continued in this area.” Thank God that despite the unease there due to Boko Haram insurgency, the camp was held, the first since 2014. Pray for peace and progress of the ministry in the area.

Group Bible Study at Camp - Cameroun

Group Bible Study at Camp - Cameroun

Sun 18. Marie-Therese – Rwanda

Conducted training for 40 Sunday School teachers in Kicukiro District. Pray that all the teachers who went through the training may put into action all they learned. It was the first time that some of them attended any Christian education training.

Mon 19. Simeon – Sierra Leone

Simeon organized a vacation camp with 63 students in attendance. The theme of the camp was, “Passing on the Mandate to Faithful Youths” (2 Timothy 2:1-2). Thank God for six campers who received the Lord’s offer of salvation. Follow-up for some of them is during the weekly central discipleship meetings.

Meal Time at Camp – Sierra Leone

Meal Time at Camp – Sierra Leone

Tue 20. Berhanu – Ethiopia

With the improved relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea, he communicated with his Eritrean friends with a view to reviving the ministry there. He came to understand that the state of the Eritrean Christian remains the same. Many believers continue to be hounded into prison. There is no freedom to run evangelistic activities. The church continues to work underground. Please pray that the church in Eritrea will march on and the gates of hell will not prevail. Pray that God may bring a change at His own time and in His own way.

Wed 21. Joseph – Burkina Faso

Conducted training during three pastor’s meetings to equip them to challenge their members to have their daily devotion. A total of 300 pastors went through the training. In partnership with Compassion Burkina, he organized Christian education courses on friendship between adolescent males and females in two centers. Thank God for giving the wisdom to resolve many of the concerns the young people raised.

Thu 22. Worldlink USA

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA, join us in humble thanks to God that He has given us the privilege of being His children and His co-laborers in the ministry of bringing His good news to so many unreached people.

Fri 23. Nestor – Congo DR

Bilonda, one of the first girls of BAMATU rehabilitation program for former prostitutes went to work as a saleswoman in a clothing store. The owner however refused to pay her salary unless she agrees to sleep with him. Her emphatic response was, “No! I cannot go back to my former dirty life. I would rather leave your job than defile myself again.” Thank God for His word that continues to impact the lives of Bilonda and the other girls in the center.

Class in Session – BAMATU Centre, Congo DR

Class in Session – BAMATU Centre, Congo DR

Sat 24. Naomi – Zambia

“One of our ministry aims is to disciple Christian students so they can become mature and in turn disciple other students. Diase Banda, a first-year student and one of the ten students who received Christ’s salvation during our evangelistic campaigns, led her roommate to Christ. It was a great joy to welcome the new believer to our weekly meetings. Thank God for the multiplication we are experiencing in our ministry.”

Sun 25. Gerard – Congo DR

Organized three Bible camps during summer break, one for young people and the other two for children. The children’s camps were organized in partnership with two local churches. Praise God for the opportunity to share the Good News with over 300 children and youth during these camps, for thirteen people who came to faith in Christ and two who rededicated their lives to Him.

Mon 26. Jackson – Tanzania

He oversees 100 Bible listening groups. Testimony of one of the group leaders: “I work with elders in my ministry. I thank God for the great improvement in the ministry since I received my Proclaimer (Faith Comes by Hearing Audio Bible Equipment). Many elders cannot read due to partial or total blindness, but they enjoy listening to Bible stories and participate actively in the discussions that follow.” Thank God for about 180 people who came to faith in Christ in the past quarter, many from listening groups.

Tue 27. Romain – Congo DR

Romain organized a Bible camp in August for about 170 people. The camp was in two parts, one for evangelization and the other for the training of leaders of various church groups: young people, women, intercessors, etc. More than 30 churches were represented in the training camp. Pray for lasting impact of the lessons learned in their ministries.

Bible Study Group at Camp - Congo DR

Bible Study Group at Camp - Congo DR

Wed 28. Tivakudze – Zimbabwe

Planned a mid-Year conference for students from the six campuses. The three-day conference was for training in evangelism with opportunity to share the gospel message with their peers. Thank God for five students who gave their lives to Christ during the conference. Three of them have started attending weekly meetings. Pray for the other two who are still struggling with some doctrinal issues from their churches.

Thu 29. Cyprian – Sokoto, Nigeria

Cyprian visited four secondary and four post-secondary Bible groups where he conducted different activities including leadership training and sharing of God’s word. Of the almost 350 students who participated in the programs, thank God for 58 who accepted Christ’s offer of salvation.

Fri 30. Phumlani – South Africa

Phumlani organized a person-to-person evangelism workshop for all Higher Institutions in KwaZulu Natal province. Follow-up training on evangelism and discipleship continues. Pray that all participants in the workshop and in subsequent follow-up training may faithfully share the good news with their peers.

Participants in Evangelism Workshop – South Africa

Participants in Evangelism Workshop – South Africa