February Prayerlink


Thu 1. CPM – Indonesia

Four second-generation churches are undergoing the YTI (Youths Transforming Indonesia) mentoring process. Pray that this may lead to revival in these churches. A first-generation church recently saw a major growth in their membership when 30 attendees declared their faith in the Lord Jesus. Please pray for wisdom for the pastor who has been given the special assignment of taking them through a discipleship program.  

Fri 2. Dhruba – Nepal

Organized a camp for children in Dhangadi, Kailali. A total of 131 children attended the camp with 24 volunteer teachers serving as camp leaders. The children were mostly from Tharu tribe, people who were forced to work as agricultural slaves until recently. Thank God for the impact of the program on the children.

Children at Camp - Nepal

Children at Camp - Nepal

Sat 3. Hemchand – Manipur, India

Conducted different outreach programs including open-air preaching at Saiton, a gospel meeting in Ithing and Sendra and whole-night-prayers at Pallen where another retreat and gospel sharing was conducted.  He also organized a relief camp program for those affected by flooding. Some food and grains were donated to the campers. Thank God for 14 people who received the Lord’s salvation and 14 others who received baptism during the period.

Sun 4. EIM – India

Punchi is the first convert from a staunch Hindu family in Manipur. He is crippled because of Polio in childhood. But this precious brother is God’s firebrand, used by the Lord to reach several villages in Manipur with the gospel. His inspirational solo singing and spirit filled preaching have brought conviction of sin to hundreds and salvation to many from Hindu backgrounds. Pray for God’s anointing to increase in his life and ministry.

Punchi Preaching the Gospel - India

Punchi Preaching the Gospel - India

Mon 5. Yohan – India

Conducted house-to-house and personal evangelism in five surrounding villages and distributed gospel tracts. Thank God for answering our prayers for Savitha of Kothuru village. She has been without a baby after many years of marriage. She accepted Christ’s salvation after prayers and ministry. She is now expecting a baby. Please pray for safe delivery of her baby and sustenance of her faith.

Tue 6. Bijay – India

Bijay shared the gospel message on different occasions in Damak and Ilam. At least 10 people heard the message on each occasion. Thank God for a young boy who was baptized in October and became an example to many. Bijay’s motor bike was recently stolen. This is seriously hampering his ministry. Pray for God’s intervention.

Wed 7. Suman – Bangladesh

A Christmas celebration was held at the Church in partnership with the Bangladesh Christian College of Theology. Suman’s wife also had a time of celebration with her children’s ministry students. Thank God for blessing all participants at these programs.

The Christmas Celebration - Bangladesh

The Christmas Celebration - Bangladesh

Thu 8. Soyam – India

Thank God for Kalijan, a 28-year-old woman who was tormented by evil spirits for many years. Every attempt to help her failed but the Lord Jesus delivered her completely. She has now committed her life wholly to the Lord. Pray that she may remain steadfast in her faith.

Fri 9. K. Paul Raj – India

Thank God for five people the Lord drew to Himself during gospel meetings conducted in four villages. One of these is sister Nagalaxmi who accepted the Lord’s offer of salvation after being miraculously healed of her sickness.

Sat 10. Babu – India

Conducted gospel meetings in Dosapadu and Sampanagar villages. Also organized a women’s conference in a new village and children’s program in Gopalapuram. The Lord blessed the ministry with five new believers during the quarter for which we give thanks.

Sun 11. Krupamma – India

Apart from gospel meetings held in five villages, she also engaged in hospital visitations and person-to-person ministry from door-to-door. One of the three people who came to faith in Jesus Christ is Durga, 55. She was not only an idolater but was totally against the Christian faith. However, through Krupamma’s ministry, God touched her heart. She confessed her sin and received God’s forgiveness. Thank God for her and the other new believers.

Mon 12. Padam – India

“I want to thank God for enabling me to visit my birth place, Sankhuwasabha in Yafu village, after many years. I shared the gospel message with 15 people there and I thank God for one person who accepted the Lord Jesus and another who received baptism. Thank God also for my supporters who made it possible for me to make this trip.”

Tue 13. Worldlink USA

Praise the Lord for the new office space for our US Home Team. Pray that the ministry done in that space will result in many indigenous missionaries reaching many new people. Pray that we would also bring the joyous message of the gospel to our new neighbors in our office complex. 


Wed 14. Mildred – Escuintla, Guatemala

“Thank God for the freedom to preach his Word. The city is full of crime lately, most of which is committed by children and young people. Thank God for helping us to share His love with children and young people so they do not follow this evil path. Thank God also for giving Mildred the opportunity to teach the ladies in her church.”

Christmas Activity in Casa Mana - Guatemala

Christmas Activity in Casa Mana - Guatemala

Thu 15. Mendoza - Colombia

Led a group of young people trained in arts to conduct evangelism in the neighborhood of Bajo San Felipe. Thank God for one soul that was won into God’s kingdom. Thank God also for Jackeline, 40, who, having been impacted by the Gospel of Christ, decided to give up her teaching profession and serve children full time.

Fri 16. Sandra – Guatemala

“Thank God for opportunity to conduct the first Vacation Bible Classes in a school. There were 65 children and 27 adults assisting. The school's Director, leaders and authorities of the community gave us all the support we needed. We gave out some New Testaments and entertained all attendees. Thank God for providing all we needed (materials, funds and people) to run this program.”

School Activity - Guatemala

School Activity - Guatemala

Sat 17. Richard – Congo DR

Organized a mixed Bible camp in Lusanga and hosted a couples’ Bible camp and a youth camp concurrently in Gobari. Thank God for 23 children and youths who came to faith in the Lord Jesus during these and other activities organized in the quarter.

Sun 18. Bereket – Ethiopia

“I have been reading the book of Revelation for my devotion so I am longing to see the Lord face to face in my spirit. Nowadays, I am singing Maranatha! In Yergalem, I gave series of teachings from the book of I Corinthians for four weeks. The Lord blessed the ministry with three new believers to His glory. Pray for fruitful follow-up.”

Bereket with the New Believers – Yergalem, Ethiopia

Bereket with the New Believers – Yergalem, Ethiopia

Mon 19. Morris – Liberia

As a result of expansion in the area, three new bible/peer clubs were inaugurated. Peer club meetings continued in 13 schools. A two-day rally was organized for school and community peer club children. Thank God for 21 children who came to faith in the Lord at the rally.

Tue 20. Mathe – Congo DR

Conducted training for 50 children mentors/teachers and 320 pastors and evangelists from different denominations in Butembo. The leaders learned the importance of Christ’s commission to make disciples. Pray that the lessons learned will help them to be more effective in their ministries.

Wed 21. Ezechias – Rwanda

Facilitated three camps, two four-day camps in Kigali and Runda with a total of 520 youths. The third camp in Bihembe lasted 10 days and was organized in partnership with Inuma y'Amahoro organization. Thank God for 24 campers who prayed to receive the Lord Jesus into their lives.

Bible Study Group at Camp – Rwanda

Bible Study Group at Camp – Rwanda

Thu 22. Lucas – Tanzania

“I co-facilitated a village outreach with the Anglican Dioceses of Zanzibar and Central Zambia. The outreaches were to Bumbisudi, Zingwezingwe and Kilombero villages aimed at encouraging the new small churches which have just started in these villages. I was in the group that ministered in Zingwezingwe and was the main interpreter for the whole group. Since Zanzibar is an Islamic Island, we couldn’t do house-to-house or one-on-one evangelism. Thank God for some who were attracted by the group’s singing and heard the message proclaimed.”

En Route to Zingwezingwe Village Outreach – Zanzibar, Tanzania

En Route to Zingwezingwe Village Outreach – Zanzibar, Tanzania

Fri 23. Phumlani – South Africa

Organized capacity building trainings in September and October 2017 for student leaders. They were given leadership skills, and training in creative planning, evangelism, discipleship and mission. Participants went out to share the Good News with their peers. Thank God for 62 people who received God’s salvation during the quarter.

Students Sharing the Good News at the University Main Gate – South Africa

Students Sharing the Good News at the University Main Gate – South Africa

Sat 24. Nestor – Congo DR

With the help of a specialist, a training conference on AIDS was organized for the girls in BAMATU Centre. The facilitator gave principles to help the girls conduct themselves properly especially in the use of their bodies so they can avoid the AIDS pandemic and to share with others in the community. Thank God for the progress the girls are making. Pray that they may be committed to the Lord and their training.

Sun 25. Mpume – Swaziland

Farewell ceremonies were organized in six schools for the final year Bible Club members to commit them into God’s hands as they move onto tertiary institutions or work places. It was an occasion to challenge the students and all present to remain faithful to the Lord and their calling. Pray that they may continue to serve the Lord faithfully in their new locations (school or work).

Malunge High School Farewell Function - Swaziland

Malunge High School Farewell Function - Swaziland

Mon 26. Marie-Therese – Rwanda

In partnership with Sunday School teachers in churches in Kanombe and Giko Muhanga, rallies were organized for the children in the cities. The rallies ministered to 800 children. One of the children, a 12-year-old boy confessed to risky behavior when his parents are away and sneaking out late at night. Their house maid assists him in this evil behaviour. He regretted his actions, confessed his sins and received the Lord into his life. Thank God for the opportunity to help mold the lives of many children.

Tue 27. Simeon – Sierra Leone

Established the Central Fellowship group for Secondary Schools in Freetown West. The fellowship brings together Bible Clubs in this area of the capital, Freetown. They meet every Friday in strategic locations. The Central and East Freetown fellowships have been meeting for a while. In partnership with ALPHA Sierra Leone, 24 school groups were trained to enable them to witness to their peers. Pray that each trainee may become an effective soul winner.

Wed 28. Brysceson – Tanzania

Organized a Form 4 (Grade 12) camp with 52 youth in attendance. Also organized, in partnership with Alarm Ministry, a four-day Pastors and wives’ seminar. A total of 88 church leaders participated in the seminar. Thank God for the opportunity to impact the lives and ministries of these servants of God.

Some of the Participants at Pastors and Wives’ Seminar - Tanzania

Some of the Participants at Pastors and Wives’ Seminar - Tanzania