October Prayerlink


Bible Club at El Pito – Escuintla, Guatemala

Bible Club at El Pito – Escuintla, Guatemala

Sun 1. Mildred – Guatemala

Started to educate women on the importance and responsibilities of being a mother. New groups inaugurated, one of these in the pre-primary and primary sections of El Pito School in Escuintla. There are over 350 children in the school. Thank God for raising two new volunteers. They will help with visiting and supervising Bible clubs.

Mon 2. Sandra – Guatemala

“After we ministered in a school group, a young woman approached us and shared her serious family problems. We counselled and prayed for her. Thank God for her personal testimony of the positive change she has seen in her situation. Thank God also for the impact of His Word in the lives of our Bible club children.”


Tue 3. Baber - Pakistan

“I work in the Bible Ministry department. I edit, produce and distribute Daily Devotional notes for adults and high school students. Thank God for many testimonies that come from our readers. A recent one is that of a lady whose son had joined a company of evil friends. She prayed for him constantly during her devotion. When he complained of some disturbance in his heart, she shared the devotional passage for the day with him. God used this to touch and settle his heart for which this lady is thankful to the Lord. Please pray that the Lord may win him totally to Himself.”

Wed 4. Sabir – Pakistan

Shared the gospel message with more than 300 people as he visited schools, conducted a Vacation Bible School and visited churches to promote the activities of the ministry. Thank God for 35 souls who came to faith in Christ during these activities.

Thu 5. Daud – Pakistan

“We shared the love of Christ with children during a hostel mission in Sialkot. One girl met us after and told us point blank that no one loves her. She said that the woman her father married after the death of her mother totally hates her and often beats her. The word love is foreign to her. Hence, she could not understand how Jesus could love her. We thank God that after further explanation, she prayed to accept Christ Jesus as her redeemer and now experiences the love of God in her life. She said she will also tell her stepmother about the love of Jesus. Pray that Jesus may also touch her step-mom’s life and unite them in his love.”                                                                                                                                                   Fri 6. Jessy and Suku – India

Planned a women’s conference in four villages and a Pastors’ conference in Kakinadou. Thank God for God’s power and guidance to preach His word during these conferences.

Sat 7. ‘A’ Team – Indonesia

Between January and June, 12 people gave their lives to Jesus after hearing the Gospel through the witness of the team.  The next step is discipleship and understanding baptism.  As yet, only one of the 12 has taken the next step and been baptized.  FTH continues to disciple and train him so he too can effectively share the Gospel with his family, friends and acquaintances. Thank God that he has now shared Jesus with 13 others.

Sun 8. ‘C’ Team – Indonesia

IG is very influential in his district because he is one of the activists in a youth movement there. The Lord led IG to BT. BT is on the Board of a Muslim school and he invited IG to be the speaker at a young people’s forum there, with the aim of motivating the students to be more serious about studying and continuing their education. After the forum, they ate dinner together. Imagine BT’s family’s surprise when IG invited them to pray together in the name of Jesus. BT’s family was increasingly curious and they asked IG about prayer. The Lord led IG to answer their questions. Praise God, the entire family believed in Jesus and want to be baptized. BT will step down from his responsibilities at the school soon and then they will be baptized.

Mon 9. Dahn Kumar – Bhutan

One lady from the Drukpa community started to come to church. Initially, we were scared because we thought she was spying on us. She said that God, in her dream, asked her to come to our church. She is attending our church regularly. She had many family problems but now her relationship with her husband is improving, her children are healthier and family life is getting better. She has accepted the Lord Jesus into her life. Thank God for her life and pray for her spiritual growth.

Tue 10. Bipin – India

“I am doing my ministry mainly in Kumbi area. At the same time, we are reaching out to Moirang, Thanga, Ithing, Sendra, Saiton, Pallen and Nambol. Over the reporting period we have shared the Gospel message with about 100 people. We plan to start a new fellowship in Kumbi. Pray for open doors and provision to make this happen. Pray also for Mr. Naoba Singh from Kumbi who is considering coming to church.”

Wed 11. Hemam – India

“One-day open-air gospel meeting was planned in Saiton Village. I had the privilege to witness to and counsel some of the unbelievers. Thank God for some positive responses. During our church youth conference, I also counseled some of the youths. It was such a blessing.”

Thu 12. Jeeva –India

He continues to share God’s Good News in two villages, Latchivakam and Madarpakkam with about two hundred people receiving the message in the past quarter. Please continue to pray for courage and grace to persevere as he trusts the Lord to reward his labor with a positive response from the people.

Fri 13. Philip - India

There is no church at all in Katter Palli village. He is currently ministering there and plans to start a church there. He also proclaimed the Good News in the streets of Latheri village with many listening to the message. Pray that God’s name will be established in these villages.

Sat 14. Worldlink USA

Pray for the Worldlink Board of Directors who meet today to discern and implement God’s direction for Worldlink’s ministry.

Sun 15. Moirangthem Chaoba – India

She is responsible for overseeing the House of Hope children home and leads the women's ministry in their church. Thank God for three boys and two girls who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Redeemer recently. The Ministry Team is planning to start three new fellowships in Pallel and Kumbi villages and on Thanga Karang Island. Pray that God’s Spirit may accompany them on this journey.


Mon 16. Joshua – Kenya

“Two young boys, X & Y, have been friends with our family for many years. However, they have come closer to us recently after they lost their sisters in a landmine incident. We have seized every opportunity to console them by sharing God’s word and praying with them. They have not accepted Christ’s salvation but we are encouraged by their closeness. Please pray that the Lord may open their hearts to receive the gospel message.”

Tue 17. Blessing – Kaduna, Nigeria

Inaugurated a new primary School Bible club with 143 members. Conducted training for seven Christian teachers to envision and equip them to oversee Bible clubs in their schools. Pray that the teachers may minister faithfully to the children under their care. Conducted secondary school Bible quiz competition to inspire and train youth in regular Bible reading.

Bible Quiz Competition Winners – Kaduna, Nigeria

Bible Quiz Competition Winners – Kaduna, Nigeria

Wed 18. Kasambe – Tanzania

“Currently, membership of our fellowship stands at 22 (5 couples and 12 singles). Our Sunday services are still on-going. We also have midweek services every Wednesday and Friday. Thank God for two young people who recently gave their lives to Christ during one of our services. They had come visiting a fellowship member and there, Christ visited them. They are both students.”

Thu 19. Lawrence – The Gambia

The ministry celebrated 16 years of witnessing in the country with various activities including a Bible Quiz for children in Bible clubs in churches and schools, sharing the Good News with people as they marched through the streets of Banjul and a thanksgiving service where few people testified to how the ministry has blessed them. “If not for my encounter with Christ in my school days, my life would have been wasted by now.” (Annie, a former Bible Club President in her school days.) Thank God for the impact of the gospel on young people in this 95% majority Muslim nation.

School Graduates Actively Ministering in their Churches - Gambia

School Graduates Actively Ministering in their Churches - Gambia

Fri 20. Sola – Kaduna, Nigeria

Conducted training sessions in six centers for 535 leaders of secondary school Bible clubs. Thank God for 64 of them who experienced God’s salvation during the training. He wedded Mary in July. Mary resigned her job in Lagos immediately to join him in ministry. Thank God for their union and pray for God’s provision for the new home.

Sat 21. Nelito – Mozambique

“Thank God for my mother-in-law who recently came to faith in the Lord Jesus. She was attached to traditional religion but since accepting Jesus, she has renounced her bad practices. On the contrary, she asked us to teach her how to walk with Jesus so she will not ignorantly compromise her new found faith.”

Sun 22. Gideon – Uganda

Led a team of volunteers to organize a residential mentorship youth camp for young people in High School Bible clubs. About 150 youths from 46 secondary schools, 3 child support organizations, and 8 churches participated in the camp. The aim of the camp was to equip the next generation of believers to continue to serve the Lord faithfully. Pray that these future leaders may put the lessons they have learned into practice in the days ahead.

Mentorship Youth Camp Participants - Uganda

Mentorship Youth Camp Participants - Uganda

Mon 23. Timothy – Kenya

He completed his studies at the School of Mission and is relocating to serve among the Ilchamus in Baringo county. He and his family plan to minister in the Christian Unions in the nearby schools, get involved in the ministries of the church, conduct discipleship classes and work alongside farmers to serve and minister to them. Pray that they may settle down quickly and have a fruitful ministry in their new area.

Tue 24. Dennis – Uganda

Every year, we conduct an evangelistic mission to one of the regions of Uganda. This year’s mission was to the Northern region. I led a team that visited 25 schools in the region. We were able to share the gospel with 14,220 people. Although the majority of the population are churchgoers, sadly, many indicated they were hearing the gospel message for the first time. About 5800 people made a commitment to trust in Jesus Christ. Thank God for opening wide the door of the schools. They faced little or no resistance anywhere they went with the gospel message. Also, commit the new believers into God’s hand.

Ministering to New Believers - Uganda

Ministering to New Believers - Uganda

Wed 25. Berhanu – Ethiopia

Planned for children and young people in various schools to share the Gospel message with their friends and peers. More than 560 students had the opportunity to hear God’s good news and 19 new believers were reported for which we thank the Lord.

Thu 26. Marie-Therese – Rwanda

She visited a few churches to minister to the Sunday School children. Rahema, a 10-year-old girl gave her life to Jesus on 5/4/2017. She was hearing about the love of Jesus for the first time. She is from a Muslim home. She was spending her holidays with her aunt and accompanied her cousins to church. We continue to pray that the seeds sown into her heart may grow.

Ministering to Sunday School Children - Rwanda

Ministering to Sunday School Children - Rwanda

Fri 27. Andre – Congo DR

Organized training seminar for Bible study group leaders in Emmanuel Church. Thirty young church members attended this course, 24 of them being University students. A Bible study group is already functioning in this church. Ask the Lord to make them more effective in their ministry to the church and its surroundings.

Sat 28. Dickens – Uganda

While teaching the Purity Module of the Values’ class in Banuule Secondary School, a teacher who had been attending the class confessed that he wished he had heard such lessons as a student! This, he said, would have saved him from many mistakes. He pleaded that this program be extended to every individual child and young person so they can avoid the same mistakes he had made as a teenager and growing into adulthood. He even committed his life to Jesus Christ and pledged to be a change agent using the same program to minister to many children under his care. Thank God for such impact and pray that the Lord may make him an agent of change.

A Values Class in Session - Uganda

A Values Class in Session - Uganda

Sun 29. Prince – Liberia

He continues to visit the thirteen Bible and peer clubs in his area providing life-skills education. He organized two rallies during the quarter. Thank God for 21 children and youth who were brought into God’s kingdom during the rallies.

Mon 30. Irmiya – Nasarawa, Nigeria

He shared the Good News with children in five Bible clubs he visited during the quarter. He also organized a rally for secondary school students. Sixty-nine of the 269 youths who participated in the rally prayed to receive the Lord Jesus into their lives. Thank God for these new believers and pray for effective follow-up.

Tue 31. Romain – Congo DR

Organized a retreat in April for 60 couples. The theme was “Building our Home on Christ.” Some participants pledged to receive the lordship of Christ in their homes while some others resolved to sort out their sick homes, especially where there has been lack of dialogue which has disrupted marital harmony. Pray for grace to fulfill their pledge.

Fellowship Time at the Couples’ Retreat – Congo DR

Fellowship Time at the Couples’ Retreat – Congo DR