July Prayerlink

Peter and John were all over the place proclaiming the Good News of Jesus in Jerusalem. They were also conscious of the power with which the Lord had blessed them as he poured His Spirit upon them at Pentecost. Had Christ not promised that they will do what he was doing and even greater works?

So with confidence, they healed the crippled man at the gate of the temple and boldly directed the attention of the people to the healer, the Lord Jesus the one they killed but who was raised from the dead as he had promised. That again brought two opposite responses – thousands believed in Jesus while the leaders arrested the apostles. But they could not do anything to them at that time because the evidence was there, a crippled man healed miraculously in the name of Jesus. They let them go but not before they received serious warnings and threats. These people are powerful in their own right. They killed Jesus so they can kill the apostles.

The apostles went back to their group and reported their experience and the threat hanging over their heads. The response was strong, corporate prayers and immediate response from heaven.

Many Worldlink missionary partners are not only threatened, but they face every form of persecution including the possibility of death. We have even lost one of our partners on the battlefield so the dangers are real. It’s not a joke. They need the assurance that there are people out there who, on reading their reports (as summarized in thisPrayerlink), will lift their voices in prayer and cry to God for them. May the Lord find you a faithful prayer partner of our partners. It gives them much encouragement to know you are there for them, crying to the Lord on their behalf.

Olaniyi Daramola
Africa Regional Coordinator



School Coordinators’ Meeting - Ethiopia

School Coordinators’ Meeting - Ethiopia

Sat 1. Berhanu - Ethiopia
Organized students in various schools to share the Gospel message and their testimonies with friends and peers. More than 300 students had the opportunity to hear God’s Good News and 23 new believers were reported. Pray for effective follow-up in local churches. Thank God also for a new city committee inaugurated in Bahir Dar. Pray for God’s grace and wisdom as they spearhead the ministry in this area.

Team Members Sharing After Ministry Trip – Rwanda

Team Members Sharing After Ministry Trip – Rwanda

Sun 2. Jean-Baptiste - Rwanda
With a team of 14 Evangelists, he visited eight Churches in Maranyundo in the eastern part of the country where they conducted Bible reading promotion. Similar training was conducted in nine other churches in Ngenda. Give thanks to the Lord for those who received Him as their Lord and Saviour during these programs and for the large quantity of Bible reading materials and other Christian literature that were purchased.

Mon 3. Nompumelelo (Mpumie) - Swaziland
Organized a camp in Mayiwane in March at a Primary School. The camp had a total attendance of 70 young people from seven schools in the surrounding area. A total of 1400 Bible reading aids were distributed during the camp. Pray for lasting effect of the camp on the children.

End of Open Air Crusade – Vudee Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

End of Open Air Crusade – Vudee Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Tue 4. Zablon - Tanzania
Partnered with students in Dar es Salaam to take the gospel message to Vudee Kilimanjaro. More than 220 students participated in the one-week mission. Activities included open air crusades, a film show, door to door evangelism, and ministry to children. She also ministered to children with special needs and conducted seminars for youth, family, pastors and new believers. Thank God for more than 720 people who received Jesus Christ as their savior during the week.

Teachers Trained in Soroti District, Uganda

Teachers Trained in Soroti District, Uganda

Wed 5. Gideon - Uganda
Trained and started a discipleship journey for 90 teachers who serve as leaders of primary school Bible clubs. They had no experience of running a spiritual nurture club and overseeing the growth of children in the way of the Lord. First, they learned to have their own daily personal devotion and then acquired skills to prepare, review and teach Bible lessons. Pray that they may be effective ministers to their wards in the Bible clubs.

Thu 6. Abolaji - Nigeria
The open door for ministry was granted in a local church where he shared God’s word every Sunday in March. He also visited and ministered in seven Bible clubs and eight Post-Secondary Fellowship groups during the quarter. About 350 souls were drawn into God’s kingdom through these and other ministries. Praise the Lord for such abundant fruit.

Fri 7. John - Zambia
Visited a total of 61 Bible clubs in 5 provinces and explained the Gospel message to the boys and girls. About 500 pupils were reached, of which 74 received Jesus Christ as their personal savior and 21 rededicated their lives to the Lord. In addition, 58 children approached their older friends for counseling. For all these fruits, please praise the Lord.

Overflow of participants at One-Day Rally, Nigeria

Overflow of participants at One-Day Rally, Nigeria

Sat 8. James - Nigeria
Co-facilitated a secondary school rally which brought 1,343 students from 17 secondary schools in the area together. In addition to the main message, the program for the day included Life-Skills, Bible studies, and academic seminars. Thank God for 10 students who accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and 153 others who rededicated their lives to the Lord.

Sun 9. Emmanuel Todjo - Cameroun
“I am soon to be commissioned as the Pastor of my church. Before this seminar, I thought I was doing alright but, for the first time, I have been deeply challenged by your message. I have come to realize that hitherto, I have been lukewarm. I have decided to be on fire for the Lord,” said a man in reaction to Emmanuel’s ministry. Pray he will indeed glow brilliantly for the Lord. Thank God also for 18 people Emmanuel trained in February and who have already passed on the training to 118 others.

Mon 10. Shina - Nigeria
M.A., a Muslim student from the Polytechnic University was invited by his roommate to the fellowship during the Evangelism training program. God touched his heart through the message he heard. He responded to the altar call and genuinely surrendered his life to Christ. Being a young man from the Muslim background (both parents are Muslims), he knew nothing about the Christian faith. He is currently attending a discipleship class. Please pray for his steady growth and wisdom for him and his mentors.

Children of Kivunje Nusery Academy – Tanzania

Children of Kivunje Nusery Academy – Tanzania

Tue 11. Elias - Tanzania
His main ministry focus is the Kivinje Coast Nursery Academy. He and his wife continue to reach out to the children and their parents. He has also started computer classes among Form 4 (middle school) graduates and interested adults. Please pray that, through these means, they may impact the lives of these children, young people, and their families. Opposition from the Muslim fronts continues to heighten but thank God for his protection thus far.

Bible Club Meeting – Secondary School – Nigeria

Bible Club Meeting – Secondary School – Nigeria

Wed 12. Albino - Nigeria
Conducted zonal rallies in Damaturu and Potiskum with a total of 455 students in attendance. Almost all participants rededicated their lives to the Lord. Pray that each one of these may remain faithful to the Lord. He distributed tracts in all the schools he visited, pray that these may impact the lives of all recipients.

Thu 13. Marie-Therese - Rwanda
“We have a desire to reach all the children of Rwanda with the word of God. To achieve this, we are organizing trainings for teachers in different churches and regions of the country. In this first quarter, we were able to train over 1,000 Sunday school teachers. It was an intense work that required us to conduct at least 3 trainings every week. The trainings also gave us the opportunity to distribute more than 260,000 booklets for use in Sunday schools.” Pray that these teachers may be faithful to their calling.

Prayer Time at Leadership Training – Nigeria

Prayer Time at Leadership Training – Nigeria

Fri 14. Sola - Nigeria
Conducted two training sessions for secondary school Bible club leaders. Thank God for 346 leaders who participated in the intensive sessions. He also organized one-day conference/rally in ten centers. Of the 2,207 participants in these rallies, thank God for 66 who received Christ’s salvation. Please pray for their sustenance and steady growth in their faith.

Sat 15. Dennis - Uganda
In February, he was involved in organizing and facilitating the training of ministry staff and volunteers in Tanzania. The training involved over 40 staff and volunteers from across the country and was organized to enhance their school ministry. Pray that this may lead to more fruitful school ministry.


Sun 16. Worldlink USA
Pray for wisdom, strength and provision as we embark on an ambitious ministry plan for our 2017-18 ministry year.


Mon 17. Rama - India
He has visited over 20 villages in Vizianagaram. About 900 people heard the gospel message with a family of two accepting Jesus as their Lord and savior. Thank God for this family and pray for the provision of bicycles to enhance the ministry of Rama and a few other village missionary partners.

Tue 18. Alex - India
Held a two-day gospel camp in Thadavalasha village. The Lord blessed the ministry with 300 souls. Building a church building in the village is the top priority. Please pray for God’s provision so this large crowd may have a fellowship hall.

Wed 19. Babu - India
Of about 600 people who heard the Gospel message proclaimed by Babau in a village. Garivedi from Hindu background, and two others accepted Christ as their savior. As you thank God for touching these three people, pray that the message may continue to minister to the others. Pray that these three new believers may remain steadfast and be witnesses to others in the village.

Thu 20. Baraily - India
Proclaimed the Gospel message in Saikul Ares, Seti Khola and Dal Thari villages. Pray for Mr. Gobin, 25 and Mrs. Munu, 22, who both responded to the message and received God’s offer of salvation. Pray for more fruit among the people of these villages.

Fri 21.  Anonymous - Indonesia
“We’ve done two training sessions for five churches that have been part of the Transform Youth Indonesia (TYI) program and dozens of their youth and mentors are participating in the follow-up program. We’ve seen four Muslims come to faith through TYI in 2017. These new believers are being followed-up by local experts who were specially recruited and trained to give help when needed.” Pray for the new believers and their mentors.

Sat 22. Padam - Nepal
The Lord blessed his ministry during the past three months with two new believers and also restored three backsliders. All are now regularly in Church and serving the Lord with joy. Thank God for them and pray for their continuous growth.

Sun 23. Amar - India
“I shared the gospel message with about 300 people in Tokpa, Nun Pani and Maohing Villages. I also distributed 250 gospel tracts. I have had both good times as well as hard times as I walk in the rain, hot sun and on muddy roads to share the gospel. People are interested in just hearing. My prayer is that God will speak directly to their hearts so they may to come to Him for salvation.”

Mon 24. Raju - India
About 350 people heard the gospel message in four areas (Para Medical, Naga Bazar, High School areas and PR Hill). Thank God for turning the hearts of three people (Mr. Bijoy, Mrs. Akhon and Ms. Junu) to himself. Pray that they may soon declare their stand publicly through baptism.

Tue 25. Dhruba - Nepal
Thank God for grace to share His word with children, young people and families every Sunday and during the week at Bethphage Bible Church. God is helping Dhruba minister to seven families that participate in the church and thereby he is also helping them to grow in their faith.

Wed 26. Timothy - India
Praise God that at last, after two years of ministry, preaching, and counseling, God spoke to Mr. Chhetry’s heart. He comes from a very strong Hindu family. Both of his parents are still Hindu but his older sister is a believer. Prem, 23, came to Christ on 7th May and was baptized on 14th May 2017. Pray that through his life, his parents also may come to faith in Christ.

Thu 27. Amar - Bhutan
As part of his outreach ministry in this closed country, Amar befriends people, does personal evangelism, and shares the Gospel through a Bible study he conducts in his home. They cannot openly share the Gospel, so evangelism is slow. Thank God because he has done mighty works in his ministry and many new people are coming to church.

Fri 28. Puran - India
Puran shared the Good News with people in three villages and distributed 95 Bible tracts. Thank God for people who willingly accepted the tracts. Pray that God’s Spirit may minister to them as they read them. Pray for plans to reach out to a new area, Taphou, and for the small fellowship in Upper Toribari.

Sat 29. Devi Maya - Bhutan
Devi Maya does personal evangelism among young people and women in the slums of Bhutan. In the last month, she has had the opportunity to share the gospel with around eight people, five of whom responded by accepting Jesus as their savior.

Sun 30. Bijay - Nepal
Bijay shared the gospel message with two people in Jharbaari/Damak and 40 in Aamchowk, Ilam. Two of the 40 people in Aamchowk village were hearing the message for the first time. One of them is a man who brought his mentally disturbed son, Ramesh for prayers. We prayed for him and shared the gospel message with the family. They accepted the Lord into their hearts. Please pray for total healing for Ramesh.

Mon 31. Chramu - India
“A woman in Covangi village accepted Jesus as her savior. We had shared the gospel message many times with people in this village without any positive response. But thank God for finally opening one heart to respond to the message. What a great joy for me!”