"Whether we’re rescuing women who were victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or whether we’re helping orphaned, abandoned, and abused kids in India building children’s homes, or whether we’re doing outreach and church planting in unreached areas, or feeding children in Guatemalan dumps, no matter what we do around the world to share that tangible love of God and Good News, we do it in partnership with Christians who are local to those areas." - Jack Nelson | President, Worldlink International


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Remember when you thought you could change the world? You were right!

Some people's response to the world’s unreached billions is to think that they are unreachable. Nothing could be further from the truth! When you know that they are reachable, the next question is, How? 

Reachable, the new book by Worldlink President Jack Nelson, answers that question with inspiring stories of the lives and ministries of indigenous missionaries and a heartfelt call to be their partner.

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