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Dear Friends,

God is doing great things! Every June, as we approach our new ministry year which starts on July 1, along with Worldlink Founder and President Jack Nelson and the Home Team, the Board of Directors looks back with gratitude at what God has done over the last 12 months and looks forward with prayerful anticipation as we step toward God’s heart for the next 12 months.

We’d like to share THREE things God did this year, THREE things we believe He’s leading us toward next year, and ONE amazing opportunity that we and you have to empower indigenous missionaries through Worldlink. 

THREE Things God did This Ministry Year (7/1/18-6/30/19)

  1. God increased Worldlink’s team to 500 missionary partners in 38 countries

  2. God empowered our partners to share the Good News with 1,119,568 people and drew 67,908 of those people to profess saving faith in Jesus

  3. God launched the Missionary Training Center to prepare frontline church planters in South Asia

THREE Things We Believe God Wants Us to do Next Ministry Year (7/1/19-6/30/20) 

  1. Grow Worldlink from 500 to 600 indigenous missionaries who can reach more people who cannot be reached by foreigners

  2. Expand both our training of indigenous missionaries (five new locations) and our infrastructure (home team and technology) to prepare for exponential growth

  3. Spread the message of indigenous missionaries through producing another book and premiering the first REACHABLE movie

The Opportunity: A $50,000 Challenge to Help Launch 100 New Evangelists/Church Planters

Because we, the Board, so strongly believe in this vision for the next 12 months, we want to see Jack and the Worldlink team have the necessary funds to launch our 2019-2020 ministry year ready to grow. So, we are putting forth a $50,000 personal matching challenge to encourage you and others to give generously. We believe that with our extra $50,000 and an extra $50,000 from others like you, the Worldlink team will be on track to follow God’s heart for tomorrow and reach many more people by empowering many more indigenous missionaries.


Missionary Church Planters like Chaitanya in India who shared about the past three months, Thank God for giving me grace to share the good news in three of the six unreached villages around here. Thank God for results – one church, two house churches have started meeting, and 11 people are currently going through discipleship class.”


Or Matano who reported, “I, along with some members of my local church, went on a 10-day outreach to Kapoeta in Southern Sudan. The experience confirmed Jesus’ statement that the harvest is indeed ripe. We carried out mercy ministry, distributing clothes to over 450 people, conducted one-on-one evangelism, and open-air crusades in the afternoons. Everyone in the village was in attendance. We thank God for more than 400 people who gave their lives to Christ. The field was indeed ready for harvest. The area chief gave us a large piece of land where we erected a shed to house a local church.”

If your heart tracks with ours and you are led to give, use the button below to donate today!

Thank you for your prayer and generosity.

The Worldlink Board of Directors,

Brad Palmer, Chair
Jim Achuff, Vice Chair
Carroll Wynne, Secretary
Bill White, Treasurer
Josh McGuire
Samantha McGuire
Barbara-Jo Achuff
Darrel Tedrow